I arrange and produce movie soundtracks/jingles.

I make entertaining videos/commercials.

I build clean, usable websites.

Contact Me.


Application Proficiency

  • PC, Mac and Unix
  • Logic Pro, Sonar, Pro-Tools, Neundo, Reason, Ableton Live, (You name it, I can operate it)

Training Facilities

CSUC Studios

  • Studied Signal-flow, File-management, Microphone Placement Techniques, Session Management, Tracking/Mixing/Mastering techniques

KAZV TV-14 / AZVideo Media

  • Recorded Voice-Overs for Commercial Use

Happy Landings Production Co.

  • Operated Boom Microphone/Audio Input
  • Helped camera operator ensure best sound quality while keeping microphone out of shots


  • Violin 11 years
  • Guitar/Bass 8 years
  • Vocals 5 years
  • Synth/Piano 4 years
  • Highly knowledgable of Music Theory and Arrangment Techniques (Many different styles)

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