I arrange and produce movie soundtracks/jingles.

I make entertaining videos/commercials.

I build clean, usable websites.

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Code Proficiency

  • PC, Mac and Unix
  • HTML/CSS (Cross-Browser Compatible)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Mootools)
  • PHP (CodeIgnitor, Kohana, Drupal)
  • C# (ASP.NET)
  • Java (Struts/Grails)
  • Flash/Actionscript
  • Currently Learning: ColdFusion, Objective-C, Python/Django, Ruby/RoR

Graphic/UI Design Proficiency

  • Photoshop or Fireworks for UI Design
  • Ilustrator for Vector Logos/Artwork

Training Facilities

MC2 Design Group, Inc.

  • Designed layouts to be approved by client
  • Hand-coded layouts into HTML/CSS templates
  • Themed CMS's with templates
  • Added dynamic functionality using PHP, Javascript and Flash based on client needs


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  • I write some of the cleanest code you'll ever see (Just look at my CSS)

Other Skills

  • I can make your site print-friendly, blackberry-friendly, iPhone-friendly, you name it!
  • Excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) always comes standard with your website.

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